Our Vision

We believe the old vibrant spirit of Govanhill is still here, just waiting to be brought to life once again. We will continue to campaign vigorously until Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland take action to implement our valid demands. In time we hope to work together with Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council, Police Scot- land and other local agencies to make Govanhill once again an attrac- tive, diverse and energetic place to live, work, visit and conduct busi- ness in.

Perhaps we can never go back to the old Govanhill of the past as so many of us knew it, but instead through a successful regeneration strat- egy we can create a New Govanhill fit for the 21st. century. Where there is a will there is a way and our campaigners believe that that will is still very much alive in Govanhill, but they need the full cooperation of gov- ernment at all levels with financial resources and expertise to make it happen.

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