Robin Hood Comes to Govanhill


Police Scotland have confirmed that on the morning of 9th April an 80 year old woman had her handbag stolen from her on Dixon Rd in Govanhill. They have told the local councillor Soryia Siddique that no violence was used and the lady was totally uninjured. They are following a positive line of enquiry.

Maybe their positive line of enquiry is that a highway man jumped out in front of the elderly lady shouting ‘stand and deliver’ and the elderly lady was so happy to see Robin Hood in front of her, she gleefully handed over her handbag and walked away feeling proud that she was contributing to Robin Hood and his Merry Men who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

If the above tale about a positive line of enquiry involving Robin Hood on Dixon Road last Monday seems absurd and ridiculous, then so does the shameful response and tweet by Police Scotland and Councillor  Siddique  suggesting that there was no violence used and that she was left uninjured.

As with all of the other incidents involving thugs battering and robbing elderly people in Govanhill, the mental and emotional devastation of being robbed by thugs in broad daylight leaves wounds and scars that never heal.

Police Scotland may be as well be looking for Robin Hood and his Merry Men as part of their positive line of enquiry. Their track record of securing a conviction against the violent low life thugs who have battered and robbed innocent elderly people on the streets of Govanhill in the past has been nill.

As the blatant dealing and use of heroin and other illicit drugs continues to take place unabated on the streets of Govanhill, no one including the elderly feels safe. Drug addicts needing to buy their next quick fix from the dealers who operate openly on the street corners of Allison Street will not hesitate to attack innocent people, sadly many of them will be the vulnerable, infirm and elderly.




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