Ask ma pal if am a liar



67AAB125-8F01-4E07-85AE-39D23B45FA84It would appear that Police Scotland initiated a major police response in relation to a bottle of juice being stolen from a shop in Govanhill. Well that’s what the award winning investigative news outlet the Evening Times are reporting today.

So it’s a case of move along nothing to see here. However, we at Let’s Save Govanhill say…aye right….the Evening Times crime reporter must have fallen for the famous….ask ma pal if am a liar con trick.

This major police response to a stolen bottle of juice had absolutely nothing to do with known drug dealers who openly ply their evil trade on street corners along Allison Street in broad daylight.

It had nothing to do with the need for Police Scotland last week to raid the unregulated youth clubs which specialise in snooker classes that are now popping up in vacated premises on Allison Street.

And the pensioner who thought she was attacked and robbed at the Post Office yesterday was just having a wee confused dementia moment. It wasn’t assault and robbery. She wasn’t looking where she was going and bumped into some nice youths. If she dropped her money and they picked it up and kept it….well it’s just a case of finders keepers.

When asked to confirm the details of the latest crime report in the Evening Times today, the journalist responded ‘ask ma pal at the Polis if am a liar’







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