Drain the Swamp




A former elderly care home owner Anu Sarker who was described by a sheriff twenty years ago as running ‘ a squalid enterprise where frail and confused residents were kept as human livestock for money’ has hit out at greedy council bosses and Eastern Europeans.

Sarker is demanding that Glasgow City Council and Govanhill Housing Association hand over an extortionate amount of tax payers money to buy up her slum property. She also blamed tenants for the problems and said ‘throw out the Slovakians and Romanians and others and it would be a good area’

Sarker is just one of many who has used Govanhill for their shameful money making enterprises leading to the physical, social and moral decimation of the area. We at Lets’s Save Govanhill say it is time to drain the swamp.

Govanhill is an urban area less than one square mile situated in the Southside of Glasgow. These past ten years have witnessed Govanhill rocked by notorious scandals that continue to go unchecked. 

Scandals which include human trafficking from Eastern Europe for the purposes of arranged marriages for citizenship and the sex trade. Industrial scale benefit fraud involving local businessmen and Roma gangmasters, local businesses raided for tax fraud and a child sex exploitation inquiry which has yet to make public its findings.


In an attempt to minimise bad publicity that may throw a light into the reality of the descent into hell that now consumes Govanhill, our politicians including First Minister Sturgeon have thrown millions of pounds of tax payers money into the Govanhill swamp.

They have handed Govanhill Housing Association millions of pounds to buy up  properties such as that owned by Anu Sarker. This will do nothing to save Govanhill from Dante’s hell, but it may lead to the future collapse of the Housing Association as they take on the role of the biggest and worst social housing slum landlord in Scotland.

Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council have used tax payers money to fund the leeching charity industry to the tune of millions of pounds. They claim such tax payers money is used to build social cohesion and integration for the massive flood of immigrants into Govanhill. 

As the flight from Govanhill by decent responsible citizens accelerates at an alarming rate, they will tell you the collapse of social cohesion and law and order is responsible for their drastic need to escape the mayhem.

Govanhill is now a chaotic and violent area to live in or visit. There is open drug dealing on the filthy streets and housebreaking has reached such alarming levels that Police Scotland refer to it as an out of control infection.

Take an evening stroll home and there is a high likelihood that you will be attacked and battered on the head with a brick. Approach your neighbours or local businesses asking them to please dispose of their waste and rubbish properly and you might find yourself up in front of a sheriff charged with racist hate crimes.

If Govanhill has been used as an experiment in multiculturalism and diversity by our First Minister Sturgeon and her political colleagues, then we suggest some of them try living in the hell they have created. 

If she doesn’t perceive the situation to be as hellish as we have described, then we would invite her to take up residence for a short period of time in the slum property belonging to Anu Sarker in Westmoreland Street. 

We at Let’s Save Govanhill are in no doubt that within a short period of time  First Minister Sturgeon would be declaring….Its time to drain the swamp.

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  1. bryanmcneill says:

    so , what is your solution to this nightmare situation ………?


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