Who Runs Govanhill?


AC576A39-F8D0-427E-AABC-1E55E58F4D08Unable or unwilling to grasp the severity of what has been described as ‘industrial scale’ benefit fraud which led to 16 arrests and 37 raids on properties this week in Govanhill, elected representative Councillor Mhairi Hunter chose to break her silence by ridiculing concerned local residents on social media.

Her disparaging comment shows the utter contempt she has for concerned Govanhill residents who have campaigned endlessly over the years to highlight and raise awareness of the ghetto like conditions to be found in the First Minister for Scotland’s Govanhill constituency. Is it now time for her boss Nicola Sturgeon to rein her in?

Let us assure the general public that locals do not feel like ‘celebrities’ when they despairingly trudge in and around the filthy rubbish , human excrement and rats in the Govanhill Ghetto that both Hunter and Sturgeon have been elected to represent.

However, unlike Hunter, they do not consider investigative journalists as part of the ‘paparazzi’. Indeed, they welcome investigative journalism. It should be an essential component in any free and democratic society which leads to scrutiny of and accountability from our elected representatives.   

Perhaps due to limited capacity, Hunter is unable to grasp the severity of the dire  conditions which now blight the Govanhill landscape. If so, then it is time her boss Sturgeon reined her in.

02B97789-5F58-4BB8-8608-117AC9B3A99FUnless she acts now, it will appear that Sturgeon is also unable or unwilling to grasp the severity of the situation which confronts her in her Govanhill constituency.

The First Ministers failure to adequately address the severity of the problems in Govanhill brings her political credibility and leadership into question. Who runs Govanhill, is it her or the organized criminal gangsters? 

Govanhill residents and campaigners grasp the severity of the problems in their neighbourhood, does their local constituency MSP Nicola Sturgeon?   








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