Let Them Eat Pancake

Leading Glasgow City Councillor Mhairi Hunter has been blasted in her local community of Govanhill which is also her boss Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency. Councillor Hunter publicly sided with a fringe group in denouncing Govanhill residents as sinister political right wingers with a hate agenda towards her boss Sturgeon whilst inviting them to buy pancakes to support the SNP to fill their election coffers.

Hunter tweeted the bizarre event as International Pancake Day Party at Govanhill Baths with a £10 entry fee but with the added sweetener of unlimited pancakes to gorge on once you’ve paid the entrance fee. Hunter is a trustee at the SNP council funded wellbeing centre where the unlimited amounts of pancakes to gorge on will be available hot off the griddle this Saturday February 17th from 1.00pm till 3.00pm.   

Many of the local Govanhill residents will no doubt be appalled by this latest crass event.  How can the Councillor invite them to celebrate with an International Pancake Day Party when the neighbourhood is reeling from allegations of child sexual exploitation, raids on brothels, organised criminal gangsters controlling the streets, children screaming because of bedbugs biting them and alarming levels of homes infested with rats, mice and cockroaches?

Can these horrendous conditions be eradicated by stumping up a tenner to savour and enjoy warm pancakes curtesy of the Southside SNP at Govanhill Baths? Are you looking forward to the treat?




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