• New Year

    Concerned Govanhill residents have contacted Police Scotland asking if they will once again have the pleasure of their company as the bells ring out to bring in New Year 2018.

  • Normalisation of Bedbugs

    Despite the attempts of Dr Heather Lynch to ‘normalise’ bedbug infestations in Govanhill, we at Let’s Save Govanhill refuse to accept this latest article appearing in the Evening Times and Herald. In the past decade millions of pounds of taxpayers money has been thrown at vermin infestations in Govanhill. As the numbers of bedbug investigations now… Continue Reading

  • Fraud in Govanhill

    As revelations of organised criminal gangs involved in benefit fraud in Govanhill unfolds, we at Let’s Save Govanhill ask just how much more the decent law abiding residents of Govanhill can be expected to endure? Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council must act swiftly to implement a package of solutions that will rescue Govanhill from… Continue Reading

  • They Knew

    Police Scotland and GCC Social Work knew all along despite their denials that young children in Govanhill were being sexually abused and exploited. Our campaign has and will continue to call for a full independent inquiry similar to that carried out by Alexis Jay OBE in Rotherham.  We need to know how and why child sexual abuse… Continue Reading