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  1. norman mcnamee says:

    Does anybody in power react to your findings and film clips?


    • letssavegovanhill says:

      The elected politicians and paid officials keep a tight watch on our social media content. We have 100% success rate in that within days of our uploading videos showing the filth and grime, someone gets sent round to clean it up very quickly.Unfortunately when we return after a period of time to the location we find the rubbish, filth and junk has accumulated once again. So the problem is never actually resolved.
      Rather than address our campaigners directly and therefore bring some honesty and appropriate action for Govanhill, we are finding a pattern emerging whereby certain politicians adept in the dark arts of manipulation encourage their lackeys to discredit our campaign, using offensive labels in an attempt to tarnish our reputation and validity.
      We know the truth is the truth and facts are facts so we continue on with our campaign regardless of the negativity which surrounds us.


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