Humans for Sale in Govanhill

BBC Scotland Investigates, 2017: 2. Humans for Sale: via @bbciplayer

The shocking documentary shows humans for sale in Govanhill. It also claims that clear links between Roma and Pakistani organised criminal gangs exist and are operating in Govanhill. The Roma crime gangs provide the victims and the Pakistani crime gangs provide the housing and work for the bondaged slaves.

The crimes carried out by the organised criminal gangsters include human slavery, sham marriages for Pakistani men wishing to acquire EU citizenship, prostitution and forced labour.

This is all happening in Govanhill under the watch of First Minister for Scotland  Nicola Sturgeon who also just happens to be the local constituency MSP.

This cesspit of evil and organised crime must end in Govanhill . Sturgeon must act now to halt the moral, social and physical decay in her Govanhill constituency. Humans for sale in Govanhill is a stain on the psyche of Scotland.

The Let’s Save Govanhill campaign are demanding crises intervention from Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council NOW, no more delays, excuses, empty promises or faux Govanhill Action Plans hurriedly prepared for election campaign purposes.

The decent Govanhill residents who still remain in the cesspit of iniquity known as the Govanhill Ghetto deserve answers not excuses . They need Government actions leading to the rescue of Govanhill which will bring an end to the evil, crime, filth and squalor which exists at present.

First Minister for Scotland Sturgeon is being given the opportunity to use the powers she has at her command. She is being given the opportunity to show leadership in the crises situation which now is evident in Govanhill.

Let’s Save Govanhill campaign have repeatedly asked Sturgeon to intervene and show leadership in Govanhill. A request she has repeatedly ignored. We know the time has come for her to seize the moment and rescue Govanhill in order to maintain any sense of political credibility. Humans for sale in Govanhill is her political shame.






Latest Comments

  1. Irene dumbreck says:

    This is bloody awful I’m. From Glasgow now live in Toronto I’m ashamed of this the government has to step in immediately this breaks my heart I’m so proud of my country but with news like this it’s making me feel ashamed…And it’s not even our own people what the hell is happening to the world it wasn’t even this bad in the 40 and 50s Yes the houses were bad owing to the war but we all done our best now it’s foreigners that’s taking our country over where is you’re balls. Irene dumbreck


  2. Grace Sichi says:

    I am disgusted with that witch Nicola Sturgeon, she is glory hunter cares not a jot about Govanhill ppl. She should be ashamed of herself. Should be putting pressure on local authorities to rid this area of inwanted criminals under their noses. Vote for her – NEVER


  3. margaret milne says:

    Keep up the goos work. My son and grandson live in Govanhill . I’t’s truly shamefull what long – term residents have to put up with


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