Govanhill Daylight Robbers



A daylight  robbery occurred in a Govanhill street on Thursday 20th April just after 7.00pm. A women approached a parked vehicle in Bankhall Street and motioned for the driver to open his window so that she could speak to him.

As it was still broad daylight the driver of the car naively rolled down his window, whereby the women asked the driver for a pound coin. Before the driver could quickly refuse and close his window, the woman proceeded to project herself like a missile through the open window and grab a mobile phone  placed on the dashboard of the car. 

The agile female daylight robber very quickly pulled herself back through the open window and ran off. Police Scotland were called to the location of the robbery in Bankhall Street and enquiries are ongoing.

In the absence of any public statement issued by Police Scotland advising drivers and pedestrians to take extra caution until the Govanhill Daylight Robber is apprehended, we would like to take this opportunity to urge anyone in and around the Govanhill area to be extra vigilant and cautious.







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