First Madame Sturgeon Goes Scot Free


As the slave trading ring which sold teenagers and women for up to £10,000 was busted in Govanhill last Thursday, First Madame Sturgeon went Scot free. Decent local residents have been left reeling in horror. News outlets reported female slaves are raped and abused before being sold on to work in brothels or forced into arranged marriages for the purpose of gaining EU citizenship. How could this have been allowed in Govanhill? Their local constituency MSP Sturgeon has yet to come forward to minister to their psychological wounds of shame and reassure them that the Govanhill Ghetto which she presides over will never see its like again.

Sturgeon has repeatedly refused invitations from constituents to expose herself to the downward spiral within her Govanhill Ghetto. Perhaps if she had visited these slums as requested by her constituents, her conscience would have been pierced and pricked enough into taking decisive action.  These dens of iniquity operated by ruthless slave traders as brothels are slap bang in amongst the decaying human waste, dead rats and piles of putrid rubbish to be found up the squalid slum closes and overcrowded flats.

It is these degrading chaotic social and physical conditions which have been allowed to ferment under the watch of First Minister Sturgeon that need to be resolved now. As the First Minister of Scotland and local Govanhill constituency MSP she must show leadership. She must come forward and admit her dereliction of duty towards Govanhill and its residents and then instruct her ministers to act accordingly by implementing a comprehensive plan of action to rescue Govanhill from the tyranny of crime, filth and squalor.

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