Sturgeon Snubs Local Residents in Govanhill Summit Meeting

Local residents claim that they were refused entry by Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister of Scotland to a summit meeting called to end the misery of Govanhill in Glasgow.

The summit meeting took place today the 27th of January 2017 in Sturgeon’s local constituency office and was headed by the First Minister who is the MSP for the area known as a ghetto because of the shameful environmental and housing conditions.

The hope for the meeting was to bring an end to the bad landlords, criminal gangs and overcrowded conditions, however when the meeting which was not advertised was opening local residents were refused entry on the orders of Nicola Sturgeon.

A local resident and spokesperson for Let’s Save Govanhill Mrs Fiona Jordan claimed that she and another local resident were refused entry to the meeting by ward SNP Councillor Mhari Hunter on the strict instructions of the First Minister.

Mrs Jordan said “we have been calling for a summit meeting for two years and only saw this meeting advertised on Facebook. However we took the view that a meeting with a local community police officer and a supervisor in the cleansing department was not going to solve the problems in Govanhill and saw this as a pre-election publicity campaign ploy “

She added “we noted that members of the public who do not live in the area were invited to represent local people and therefore we went along as residents and asked to be allowed to see proceedings, however the opportunity to put forward serious concerns and proposals for improvements were denied by Nicola Sturgeon, on the grounds that there was no room despite several apologies from invited guests like Labour Leader of Glasgow City Council Frank McAveety.”  

The group Let’s Save Govanhill are critical of Nicola Sturgeon and blame her for failing Govanhill these past six years. The local residents who were invited do not live in Govanhill and are supporters of Nicola Sturgeon.  Let’s Save Govanhill say that this meeting was not a summit meeting with decision makers but a cobbled together group to discuss how to rearrange the dustbins whilst ignoring the overpopulation, crime and squalor in Govanhill.

The summit meeting follows a reported attack in Govanhill on a local man by a group of ten men when he asked his new neighbours not to urinate in the close or hold noisy parties in their overcrowded Housing Association flat. This is In addition to three arson attacks the previous week.

Gang Attack Neighbour

Deliberate  fire setting



Latest Comments

  1. Maurice Greaney says:

    Doesn’t surprise me, the ONLY thing she is interested in, is Independence. Everything else is out the window.She doesn’t want anything to do with running the Country, or honoring her promises , Her sole purpose in life ( and office ) is Independence for Scotland, weather it’s good for the Country or not.She wants to be known or remembered as the person that made Scotland independent. If you people in Scotland can’t see that, then there’s something sadly wrong !!!


  2. Michael Dickinson says:

    st nicola the nobody, couldn’t run a kiddies birthday party without fucking it up.
    SHE is the biggest fuck up since alex the twat salmond, SCOTLAND it’s about time you saw through the smoke and mirrors of this so called political party, a party so out of touch with Scottish voters it’s unreal.
    I may well be English but I love Scotland, Please don’t let this STUPID woman have another minute in office, she has her own agenda, and it’s got nothing to do with the Scottish people. She is so full of her OWN BULLSHITE, SHE ACTUAL BELEIVES IT.


  3. Wayne Easton says:

    You should post this story to BBC Scotland, or are they scared of the Sturgeon…?


  4. Ron Hawthorne says:

    This shows that she does not care about the people. She is all for herself.


  5. Rena Teasdale says:

    I was born and raised in Scotland, my husband was born in England but spent most of his years in Scotland, I am so glad people are realising just what Nicola Sturgeon is. Angus Robertson is a prat, Alex Salmon is like Nicola Sturgeon they all want independence for them. Surely by now you can all see Our education is in a bad way, NHS is in a bad way Housing in certain areas are not fit to live in. But it’s not the SNP who is to blame it’s London that’s there answer all the time. So where is the money going to. They don’t care about the people only themselves.


  6. Neil Rennie says:

    Why do the people of Govan Hill keep voting this parasite into office thereby inflicting it on the rest of us?


  7. Moira says:

    With her and her cronies in power, I’m ashamed to tell people I’m Scottish. They have brought this country to its knees and it’s all for self gratification. Shame on the lot of them, they have taken everything that Scotland had to be proud of and crushed it leaving true Scots wondering what’s going to happen to our great and proud nation in the future. She’s a total embarrassment to Scotland.


  8. Rosemary Clarke says:

    I hope those leaving comments are members of other political parties, or at least they intend to vote. If not, the obvious outrage, disappointment anger and frustration will only get worse. And one of the SNP’s ploys, pushing for votes for young adults, is nothing to do with ‘rights’ for youngsters, it is to use their lack of experience, and the romanticism they like to associate with the independence fairy tale to the SNP’s benefit. Scots need to wake up. So many of us complain about the Labour party having taken the country for granted. With the country heading toward being virtually a one-party state again, what do people think will happen if the SNP continues to have an overwhelming majority of MSPs? Democracy needs a strong opposition, otherwise the government follows its own line on every issue. No party has ALL the answers – and neither the Scottish nor English electorate seem to get that. When will we ever learn …


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