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  1. Alex OBrien says:

    In a court of law to prove a fact or a case ,two eye witnesses or one eye witness+some other evidence(eg DNA-fingerprints) are required.This is not a criminal case,its a case of disgusting behaviour .That broken pipe is not a criminal case but it is criminal that it is being left un repaired.I despair for the decent folk who are living there.


  2. norman mcnamee says:

    Sad to say but this is a problem not exclusive to Govanhill, I had to clear up similar stuff as a Concierge in Gorbals


    • Alex OBrien says:

      Was this nappies thrown from Govanhill or dropped from the high flats? Either way disgusting.Im sure the late Matt McGinn could have added a nappy verse to his version of the song.


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