Business relocation out of Govanhill

A local Govanhill business which has been in operation for almost 30 years has finally decided to relocate out of the area. They simply could not compete with the plague of rats to be found both internally and externally. Despite spending over £15,000 on pest control services within the business premises, filthy environmental conditions surrounding the building ensured the rats continued to thrive and multiply.

Staff could no longer feel confident about conducting business and providing a service, what if a rat decided to go for a wee wander around the office whilst potential business customers were being attended to by staff. The owner of the business required by law to provide a safe working environment for his staff had to ask his staff not to show up for work on several occasions due to concerns about the effect of contaminated work surfaces due to the rats.

We at Let’s Save Govanhill are saddened by the news of the business relocation out of Govanhill. However we understand that business is business….and one of the most important aspects of a successful business is location….location…location.

We urge Sturgeon and McAveety to take note of this business relocation….and to finally act to prevent the further ghettoisation of Govanhill. Perhaps Councillor George Redmond who is responsible for business enterprise within Glasgow City Council could arrange for compensation for the business to help with relocation expenses and offer an apology for this disgraceful set of circumstances…..and then say “ffs Frank…we need to get a hold of Nicola and finally set that date for the emergency summit meeting that Let’s Save Govanhill have been trying to facilitate for over 3 months now…cos they rats are getting out of hand”

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  1. Lucy says:

    gosh I hope that something is done quickly about this! Rat poison can often mean that dead rats end up trapped in wall cavities and under floorboards and the smell is awful. If the bin situation was sorted out it would starve the rats and they would start dying off.


    • letssavegovanhill says:

      Thanks for caring Lucy , your attention is greatly appreciated. However in our case in Govanhill there is no need for the rats to eat the poison so long as they have a regular supply of food (overflowing or discarded rubbish) and water (broken drains)


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