Govanhill rats come out to play

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Rats have been spotted running and jumping around back courts in Govanhill next door to the Govanhill nursery school. One local resident complained that as she looked out of her kitchen window she could see rats running and jumping around the back court whilst the pre school children over the wall were out playing hopscotch.

Yesterday, the Head Teacher of the Govanhill nursery school said she had not been notified of the situation, but would ensure that the janitor checked the building that day for any signs of rats. With only a brick wall dividing the nursery school from the two adjacent rat infested back courts, perhaps Glasgow City Council should be more pro active in ensuring the nursery school premises and the young children are better protected?

Despite warning signs of the presence of rats, the two back courts adjacent to the Govanhill nursery school show signs of young children being allowed to play in and around rat poison, filthy discarded mattresses and rubbish piled high.

Early childhood intervention to close the attainment gap for young children is supposedly a priority for every political party as they enter the final week of campaigning for the Holyrood Elections 2016. So how come these politicians have failed to intervene to prevent the young children of Govanhill having to play hopscotch alongside the rats?

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  1. Tracey says:



  2. Charley Columba Mcgarvey says:

    Pictures are bad enough but rats were shown on live tv when Liz and Fran were being interviewed on the news


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