Show Up and Stand Up for Govanhill Pensioners Under Attack

Friday 8th April 2016
Corner Allison St and Belleisle St
Glasgow G42 8HN
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Police Scotland have confirmed a further two attacks on pensioners in Govanhill, one on the street the other in the victim’s home. These cowardly and callous attacks are to be deplored. Local people will protest at the corner of Allison St and Belleisle Street where the latest street attack took place. 
They are urging all decent citizens to stand with them as they demand that Police Scotland take all of the neccessary actions to get these cowardly criminals off the streets.
The Let’s Save Govanhill campaign are now calling for an emergency summit meeting to take place with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Glasgow City Council Leader Frank McAveety and Chief of Police Scotland Phil Gormley to address the issues of crime, filth, squalor and slum like housing conditions which prevail in Govanhill. They must come together and work in partnership to end the fear and misery which now prevails in the Govanhill ghetto. The area must be afforded regeneration status and a zero tolerance crime policy implemented now. 
Two attacks on our pensioners all in the same day. Our pensioners are not safe in the street or in their own homes anymore. Nicola Sturgeon needs to leave her election campaign trail all over Scotland and get back to her Govanhill constituency.  She has the power to get Govanhill sorted and she needs to do it now. 
Link to Police Scotland Statement:

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