Govanhill Homes Ransacked



A DISTRAUGHT UN worker returned from a mission overseas to discover his home evacuated and his property ransacked.
Khalid Al-Izzi was working in the Western Sahara when his daughter-in-law sent him an Evening Times article detailing how the Govanhill property had been deemed unsafe.
Still reeling from the shock, he has now returned home to find the property broken into and his belongings – including wedding gifts for his son – stolen or ruined.
Mr Al-Izzi said: “It’s beyond comprehension.
The flat is demolished, the robbers have broken everything and my belongings are everywhere.
“I don’t want to say this lightly but it looks like the place has been hit by a bomb.”
The Evening Times told in January how the tenement block on Annette Street was evacuated with just hours warning when cracks appeared in a supporting wall.
Mr Al-Izzi, who works for the United Nations, said he was appalled to learn of the problems, having taken good care of his property.
The 55-year-old bought the flat in 2010 for £90,000 as a home for his son who was studying dentistry at Glasgow University.
His son, 25, has now married and moved to Dundee with his wife, who is also a dentist.
As the pictures show, vandals have kicked in the door of the flat and ransacked every room, ruining precious belongings and stealing what they can.
Mr Al-Izzi, who, with his wife, is now staying with relatives, said: “You do not go back in yourself because you have been told not to and you are a law-abiding citizen. But then these robbers break in and take their time over the job because they are in no rush, they have all the time in the world.
“There’s a monetary value to what they stole of about £20,000 to £25,000 but there are things that are no value to them, things that mean everything to you.
Mr Al-Izzi believes Glasgow City Council should have taken stronger measures to protect the property from vandalism after Building Control teams ordered it to be emptied.
A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said steel doors had been placed on the front and back close doors and plywood nailed to the windows.
He said: “The council has sealed the place to us but it was wide open for the thieves. They did not secure it adequately. These guys had all the time in the world.
“They sealed the building as if they were dealing with somewhere in Bearsden or the west end, not Govanhill where there are known to be problems.”
Council insiders said they had tried to warn owners in 2012 and again last year that repairs were needed but these were not responded to.
Mr Al-Izzi, however, said he has always been a responsible owner and did not know about this.
He added: “I am a very responsible owner and the only thing I have done wrong is that I work in Africa and when I come back – that was that.

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Latest Comments

  1. Patrick Davidson says:

    Yet another example of collective owners completely failing to take responsibility for their own affairs, then blaming the Council or whoever, when it all goes wrong.

    Special mention must go to the Evening Times for publicising the state of affairs at the tenement.


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