Angst for Govanhill Residents Continues


Let’s Save Govanhill campaign has been contacted by Police Scotland this afternoon. It has been confirmed that an incident did take place. However the elderly 79 year old pensioner was in hospital at the time his home was being burgled, vandalised and ransacked.

We would like to thank Police Scotland for this confirmation.


Alarming levels of angst and concern continues for Govanhill residents today as they await either confirmation or denial from Police Scotland that another pensioner has been battered and robbed. This time in their own home

Govanhill residents have repeatedly asked Police Scotland over the week- end  to either confirm or deny that an incident took place. Police Scotland have been unwilling to do so. The request for either a confirmation or denial will be placed on the in tray of the local Chief Inspector when he returns to his desk and possibly sometime this week concerned local residents will be given a response.

The alleged incident involved a 79 year old pensioner suffering from dementia living in Annette Street. It is claimed his home was burgled and ransacked and that he was was beaten during the break in. He required hospitalisation and medical treatment. It is said he will not be returning to his home and that alternative more secure accommodation is being sought before his release from hospital.

Local residents are aware that homes are being burgled and ransacked in the area and have been vociferous in their demand that Police Scotland do more to protect vulnerable pensioners both on the streets and in their own homes. They are urging Police Scotland to make a statement of confirmation or denial. Did this incident occur YES or NO.


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