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  1. David Howie says:

    That is the true Sturgeon. How dare ordinary people talk to her! She is a bloody disgrace.


  2. jimmy reid says:

    the people of govanhill deserve to be treated like everyone else, but nicola couldnt care a jot, same down here in stranraer, they promise you the world but never keep their promises


  3. Rena Teasdale says:

    I looked at this picture this woman deserves a slap she is looking at that man as if he is a piece of dirt. For all the people in Govanhill vote in the May elections for anyone rather than snp, independent, greens and liberals as they lot stick together. Hit them where it hurts their pockets, if they are not in local elections then they lose their “Expences” which probably are fiddled anyway


  4. Michael says:

    I am sure Jim would have loved to have slapped MArgaret Thatcher ……but who know he might be a tory next week !


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