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  1. norman mcnamee says:

    The answer lies in the voters hands if they are not happy with their MSP, use your vote


  2. Natalie says:

    Well I hope u won’t be voting for her. She’s bed. A waste of space since the day and hour she was elected. I live in the constituency and she’s never here to busy grandstanding with her 56, 55, many muppets are we down to now ? The Labour council can’t cope and get hee haw help from Scottish Government.


  3. symanski says:

    Nicola Sturgeon cares about your vote. She just doesn’t care about you.

    SNP are anti-English bigots and have little time for anything else, such as running a competent government.


  4. Daniel Grainger says:

    It’s No Suprise that Nicola Sturgeon, has no care for her own people she calls herself a Socialist perhaps instead of banging on about Europe and Independence referendum’s that no one wants.
    She could do what any half decent person would do and make an effort; I hope that the people who live in Govanhill get the justice they so desperately need and deserve. It’s clear to me that the SNP and Nicola have only one thing on their minds their mad fantasies of an independent Scotland no matter the cost. It’s time the people use their democratic right and recall her from parliament and elect a party or someone who truly cares about the people they represent.
    Not a woman who first and last answers to every question is “it’s Westminster’s fault.” or “this Torie Government.” personally it makes me sick to think of damage this truly despicable individual and her sheep are doing to Scotland. It’s time Scotland Woke up to the SNP and their self-serving tricks!


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