Show Us the Action Plan

New information sharing scheme for Govanhill…..Just Show us the Govanhill Action Plan that local residents have been requesting to see for at least three years now in order to determine if stated outcomes are being met. The action plan that is so top secret even the Chair of the Govanhill Partnership and Hub Gordon Smith can’t seem to get his hands on it.


THOUSANDS of residents in Glasgow’s south side will receive a leaflet detailing work being done to improve their area.

In a bid to reassure residents of Govanhill that there is investment in the community, Glasgow Community Planning Partners are contacting thousands of homes.

The leaflet, to be sent out to properties next week, lists three landmark projects being carried out in the area.

Local councillor Soryia Siddique said: “It’s paramount that we continue to engage with residents to identify priorities to feed into the Govanhill Action Plan.
“We want to listen to the local community and shape regeneration strategy based on community identified priorities for Govanhill.

“This will involve broad engagement across the ward through local consultation events, online, through community centres, library, schools and hard to reach communities.”

Govanhill has long been troubled by high crime rates, fly tipping and issues caused by overcrowding and rogue landlords.

Community groups are continually campaigning for more support for the south side area.

But council and other agency bosses claim much is already being done to raise standards in Govanhill.

Now, a group of agencies, including the Govanhill Hub, Govanhill Housing Association and Clean Glasgow, are keen to get their message across.
The mass leafleting programme will be joined by online information and engagement sessions in local schools and the local library.

Ms Siddique added: “Govanhill people care about their community and I would say there is a very high level of community engagement and activism in the area.

“We want local people very much to be influencing and shaping decisions so we are trying innovative ways to speak to local people.

“We want people to know that Govanhill is very much on the agenda and we are trying to get information to people who want to engage with the various programmes designed to improve Govanhill.”

Projects detailed in the information leaflet include the South West Govanhill Property Acquisition and Repair Programme and the Enhanced Enforcement Area (EEA).
These both run alongside the Govanhill community, including the Govanhill Hub, the dedicated rapid response cleansing team and dedicated Community Enforcement Officers and Police Scotland Officers.

The property acquisition team is a £9.3million programme from Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government that will allow Govanhill Housing Association to buy up to 80 privately-owned properties and bring them into the public sector.

Glasgow City Council has also secured new enforcement powers to tackle housing conditions in Govanhill.
In a first for Scotland, four tenement blocks in the south-west corner of Govanhill have been designated as an Enhanced Enforcement Area (EEA).

A spokesman for the Govanhill Hub said: “As a partnership vehicle we are keen to get broad engagement with the community and look forward to upcoming events and ongoing dialogue with our residents in Govanhill.”

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  1. Angela says:

    Seems to me for that amount of time to go by …no action taken by council is extreme negligence and incompetence..and more than likely corruption …possible embezzlement of funds …wheres the account of where the funds have gone to who to where to what and when …this is something that is public knowledge…info …where is that info ..we need to see the names and faces and credentials of everyone involved in handling these funds…this is all about the people…for the people by the people…


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