Street Protest

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Our Campaigners took to the streets of Govanhill on Friday 6th November to protest loudly about the latest elderly resident to be battered and mugged on our streets. The protest was held at the corner of Cathcart Road and Allison Street close to where the latest attack took place at 4.00pm, which was just in time to attract the attention of passing motorists on their way home during evening rush hour.

And what a protest it was, as Let’s Save Govanhill campaigners were joined by many of the senior residents of the area, many of them friends of the elderly 87 year old lady who was mugged. As our senior residents came together with us to voice their disgust at the targeting of  elderly residents on the streets of Govanhill, they sure did show us how to protest loudly and proudly and as they sang the chorus of ……Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus…. it was being heard loudly and proudly at the corner of Allison Street and Cathcart Road. It was a reminder to all of us that our senior citizens are the very backbone of our community and continue to provide us with a moral compass.

On Friday, as they stood at the corner of Allison Street and Cathcart Road they were definite in their opinion that enough is enough and that no more pensioners will be battered and robbed on our streets.

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  1. norman mcnamee says:

    Keep hassling them its the only way you will get a result, failing that remember, there is always an election at some time

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