Protest Against Battered Pensioners on Our Streets

Amended 3 Protest Battered Pensioners

Protest – Reclaim Our Streets


Friday 6th November

Corner Allison St and Cathcart Road

 We can no longer ignore these brutal attacks happening on the streets of Govanhill. Join us and show support for all of the innocent elderly victims who have been brutalised and mugged on the streets of Govanhill.

Last Friday afternoon, Govanhill residents witnessed First Minister for Scotland and their local constituency MSP Nicola Sturgeon accompanied by six police officers walking along Allison Street. She was being afforded a level of protection and sense of safety and security that prompted one local resident to say ” Nicola should dump the six burly cops, put a handful of money in her pocket and let’s see how far she would get walking along Allison Street in the dark”

So here is the challenge to our First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, take a walk along Allison Street yourself after dark and then come back and tell us how wonderful Govanhill is and what a wonderful job you are doing.

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