On Friday 16th October, Let’s Save Govanhill campaigners took their protest to the 2015 SNP Party Conference in Aberdeen.

Govanhill is located within the Glasgow Southside constituency of First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon. Once a good place to live, for several years Govanhill has witnessed decline and is now known as Scotland’s Ghetto. The area is blighted with high levels of crime; rape, assaults, burglaries, pensioners attacked and robbed in broad daylight. Gangs control the streets. Our area has been plagued by infestations of vermin, rats, mice, cockroaches and bedbugs. Streets and backcourts are covered in piles of rubbish, discarded furniture and filthy stained mattresses.

Squalid housing conditions exist with Rachman type slum landlords who overcrowd broken down tenement blocks with impunity.

On Friday, Let’s Save Govanhill campaigners asked the pertinent question, why is the Scottish Government not taking appropriate actions to end the misery and squalor to be found in Govanhill?

Many of the SNP delegates and journalists at the conference were totally unaware of the appalling conditions to be found in Govanhilll and were thoroughly disgusted when informed of the day-to-day reality being endured by local Govanhill residents.

Showing tremendous sympathy and support for our campaign, many SNP delegates in attendance vowed to remind Nicola Sturgeon to keep  focused on obligations to help her voters by implementing our reasonable campaign demands. They were further dismayed when told of the meeting we held with Nicola Sturgeon on 25th May 2015 to discuss our campaign demands and that she promised to bring the decision makers to the table for talks, we are still waiting on her setting the date 


Back snp con flyer

Latest Comments

  1. Michael says:

    great video and commentary….well done with the Sam Cook touch Change Is Going to Come!


  2. anna potrykus says:

    do do it nicla…no return to the tartan Tories


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