A Filthy Tip with Blood Splattered Mattresses

This was the scene to be found on Allison Street in Govanhill on Sunday 30th August 2015. This filthy heap also contained blood splattered mattresses. It had lain on the pavement since at least last Thursday and apparently both Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council had been made aware of its presence.

These scenes are reminiscent of a dirty filthy hovel and yet Govanhill is part of First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency. It is because of scenes such as this that Let’s Save Govanhill believe that our campaign demands must be implemented immediately. Despite promises to do so, First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has yet to bring the decision makers who have the power to implement our demands to the table with us. Perhaps the scenes above of blood splattered mattresses strewn over the streets of Govanhill will persuade her to take that action now before it is too late.


Latest Comments

  1. norman mcnamee says:

    If they had a mind to, most of that rubbish could have been taken to the Recycling Centre in Polmadie, mind you they may not have a car
    I have seen similar piles of rubbish on my walks around Glasgow, why do folk dump the rubbish days before its being picked up
    In my area the pick up is Tuedsday so you put it out Monday night


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