1990s Govanhill

Photographer Norman McNamee

I am an adopted Glaswegian born in Wales 1945 and brought to Possilpark in 1946 and then moved to Springburn later that same year. Eventually I moved to the new housing scheme known as Milton around 1955. After I married I lived in Scotstoun, East Kilbride, Kings Park and now Rutherglen.

I had been taking photos of Glasgow since the late 1980s but because film was so expensive to buy and get developed I didn’t take that many and they were in black and white. I was in Govanhill one day and I was taking a photo of the Govanhill Picture House in Bankhall Street in Govanhill. I asked a man who was passing what the cinema was called and he replied that’s not a cinema it’s a shoe factory.

This man had no idea of the history of the building and from then I decided to take as many shots of Glasgow before it disappeared forever. However it was still slow going and come 2004 I got my first digital camera and that set the ball rolling. I could take hundreds of photos in the one day and usually I made several visits to an area.

I have taken shots of all the Victorian tenements all over Glasgow and the City Centre, I have also included industrial buildings in my collection. What I am doing now is photographing what is going up and what is coming down.

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Latest Comments

  1. Dave says:

    Great pictures, but the Allison St/Langside Rd is wrong, it is Allison St/Westmoreland St
    I should know I have stayed above that hardware shop for 23 years, 10 nearly 11 years a misery with the Eastern Europeans!!
    It was lovely for years when I moved in, how things have changed!! sad!!


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