Local Councillor Joins Our 999 Call to Sir Stephen House

Govanhill councillor Soryia Siddique has called on Scotland’s top cop to completely overhaul policing in Govanhill. She has written to Sir Stephen House setting out residents’ concerns and urging the chief constable to personally intervene in Glasgow’s south side. In her letter the councillor said there are “ongoing concerns raised by residents about crime and fear of crime”. Chief Inspector Carol McGuire, Area Commander for Glasgow South East, said recently that her officers are “working hard” to deal with problems in Govanhill.

Ms Siddique has urged the chief constable to step in and support the reintroduction of an action plan which previously brought improvements to the area. She said: “I would request the reinstatement of EPIC – Enforcement, Prevention Intelligence and Communication – in Govanhill. A renewed strategy is also needed in the area involving detecting crime and mitigating the fear of crime.

We at Let’s Save Govanhill welcome Ms Siddique joining us with our 999 call to Police Chief Constable  Sir Stephen House to intervene in Govanhill to help rid the neighbourhood of high crime rates associated with rape, assaults, burglaries and drug dealing.  However we do not believe that EPIC is the best solution. It is a police operation that has been used in Govanhill many times over these past few years to no avail. Instead we urge Councillor Siddique to stand with us as we demand that Sir Stephen House intervenes and implements Operation Servator on the streets of Govanhill. It was the police operation used during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 to keep residents and visitors safe. If it worked then we want it implemented in Govanhill now. For those four glorious weeks during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games, Govanhill residents felt safe to walk the streets day or night.



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