Rubbish on Our Streets

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August 2015 in Govanhill and children will soon be returning for the new school term, some will be starting school for the very first time. Are the sights of filthy streets strewn with litter and garbage on their way to school the lasting impressions we want for our local children, do they not deserve to experience a clean environment like the rest of Glasgow’s schoolchildren?

Filthy streets littered with garbage and refuse is not a new phenomenon for Govanhill.  Since at least 2008, politicians from Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council have been promising changes and improvements to the physical environment. As part of the Govanhill Action Plan passed by Glasgow City Council in 2012 , local residents had been assured that the cleansing strategy incorporated into the action plan would provide effective actions to get Govanhill cleaned up once and for all.

Our images provide the evidence that the cleansing strategies implemented by Glasgow City Council’s Land and Environmental Services since 2010 have been an abject failure. Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council need to go back to the drawing board and think again. Perhaps if First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon could arrange the meetings as promised to us by her on 25th May with the decision makers in Glasgow City Council to discuss our practical cleansing demands as outlined below, Govanhill might eventually just witness the improvements to the physical environment that have been promised since at least 2008.

Poor Sanitation: A Govanhill Cleansing Strategy

  • Enforcement Officers deployed into Govanhill area to inspect on a daily basis all streets and to ensure all litter, refuse or bulk items are removed immediately.
  • All residents instructed in correct use of domestic waste disposal, after a defined grace period, on the spot fines used when residents deemed to be in violation of correct procedures.
  • All large bins whether for public or commercial use removed from the pavements and that pavements remain free fromdisplays of produce outside business premises.
  • All shopkeepers and business owners informed of their responsibilities for their commercial waste management systems and premises closed down until further notice if they are deemed to be violating the conditions imposed.
  • Environmental Health Officers undertake full inspection and audit of the vermin and infestation problems in Govanhill and be given full powers and resources to bring this public health issue under control.

Latest Comments

  1. Alex o'brien says:

    I dont live in Govanhill but as a Glaswegian Im saddened to read and see this.Its not confined to this district.There is a lack of enforcement officers.There is a lack of publicity re litter.It would be sad if the neww pupils got the idea that rubbish strewn steets were the norm.The council in my view employ traffic wardens to hound motorists,they should be hounding litter offenders with the same vigour.TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL.


  2. norman mcnamee says:

    As you say this in not a new problem but its being going on too long, way past time for action by the council


  3. Cass says:

    We lived in queen Mary avenue for four years from 2004-2008 and I am so glad that we left as the area was going downhill even then – I was on the telephone to cleansing services daily and that is even before the slum situations started manifesting itself in Allison street and surrounding areas.


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