The Police Chief Constable Sir Stephen House and Glasgow City Council have refused to use their discretion using an exceptional circumstances clause that would have allowed local Govanhill residents to march with a petition following another brutal mugging of a local pensioner in broad daylight in a busy street.

If the organizer, the named person on the application proceeds, they have been informed in writing that they can be fined or imprisoned for three months, a threat that they have taken seriously enough to call off the march. If the march proceeds those who participate can be fined up to £1,000 and the named organizer fined and jailed for three months. The march would have highlighted the failings of the local police chiefs to ensure law and order rules in Govanhill and that people feel safe from crime. It is small wonder the police are not supportive and that they are insisting that we ask permission by giving them 28 days formal notice.

The crime rate in Govanhill is out of proportion for the size of the area which is just one square mile, last month saw 28 burglaries alone,  people are reporting attempted break ins and these are not recorded, also not recorded are domestic violence and other crimes.

Have the police lost control? If you feel a fear of crime what does this mean,It means either that local people are imagining things or that there are real grounds to cause a person to feel afraid in their own home. A survey carried out involving local residents indicated that 90% of people felt afraid of crime in Govanhill. Residents surveyed cited large gangs of men sometimes up to thirty standing on local street corners, gangs of youths running feral on the streets, rubbish being dumped on the streets, bins being emptied and rubbish strewn by identity thieves, drug dealing, kerb crawling and knowledge of burglary and burglary attempts among the residents.  The police refuse to act against the gangs of men saying that the residents have nothing to fear and that it is too difficult for the police to use anti dispersal orders or to do anything, while sexual attacks, burglaries and muggings in broad daylight of pensioners continue.

We need robust policing, we need a zero tolerance approach and we believe the only way to achieve this is by implementing Operation Servator used during the Commonwealth Games. During the four weeks when Operation Servator was implemented crime fell dramatically in Govanhill. For those 4 weeks during July 2014, the biggest benefit of the Commonwealth Games 2014 was that many Govanhill residents reported being able to walk the streets in safety both night and day. Whilst most police officers fully support us and try their best they are held back by a lack of support from their superiors who decide on how local policing should be implemented, or not in our case in Govanhill. We say the police have lost control of Govanhill and we will criticize their leaders whenever local people are traumatized, terrorized and attacked by criminal thugs.

Some of the Lets Save Govanhill Group are determined not to allow this latest attack on a 73 year old female pensioner in broad daylight to go unnoticed and are rallying in Govanhill Park to highlight our horror that yet again one of our pensioners has been attacked and mugged on our streets.

Despite the ban on our march some of our Let’s Save Govanhill campaigners will meet for a static rally details below:






A march is being planned for September and a petition is being signed and will be ready to be presented to Police Scotland on behalf of the local people of Govanhill. We will continue to keep you updated.

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