Let’s Save Govanhill are on the march yet again. This time to Police Scotland Station at Aikenhead Road next Saturday 1st. August. The protest march will leave from Govanhill Park at 1.00pm and protestors will take their campaign fight for the introduction of Project Servator to the local police station. Project Servator was the Police Scotland operation used to protect citizens and visitors during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 and Let’s Save Govanhill Campaigners say that for those few weeks during the games, Govanhill felt safer and looked cleaner. If it was good enough for the Commonwealth Games then it is good enough for Govanhill now and should be implemented again to keep local people safe as they walk the streets in Govanhill.

Yesterday yet again one of Govanhill’s elderly residents was attacked and mugged in broad daylight. Word of the horrible attack quickly spread through the neighbourhood and this morning Let’s Save Govanhill decided to take action. An online petition has been set up and a formal application has been submitted to Glasgow City Council’s Processions Office. The campaign believes we need to take action now, quite simply we cannot allow anger and frustration to fester among the local population. Once again Police Scotland have failed to keep our elderly neighbours safe and we fear due to a lack of effective policing in Govanhill some people may view the recent attack on the elderly woman as an opportunity to exact revenge or retaliation on any innocent member of our community. This cannot be allowed to transpire because we want Govanhill to be safe for everyone.

With this in mind an immediacy clause is being sought in the formal application to march submitted this morning by Let’s Save Govanhill to Glasgow City Council. We don’t have 28 days to wait until we comply with notice regulations. We need to organise to march on Saturday 1st August.

We will continue to update you on details of the march, we will also send an invitation to First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and Chief of Police Scotland Sir Stephen House to meet us at the entrance of Aikenhead Rd Police Station to take charge of our signed petition demanding that Govanhill be made safe.

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