Last night Let’s Save Govanhill held their first public meeting in Govanhill Neighbourhood Centre and despite being invited along to provide a progress report on her promised interventions on our behalf, unfortunately we had to inform the 150 local residents attending that she was a no-show and there was no progress report from her.

Despite the disappointment for local residents due to  First Minister for Scotland’s no-show, the public meeting was still a resounding success. Overwhelmed and so very grateful for the amazing turnout of local residents to support our campaign and demands, a decision had to be quickly taken when we were informed during the meeting that more than 100 people were standing  in the foyer waiting to get in. The room was full to capacity so in order for all 150 local residents who had showed up to participate,we decided to run the event within two halls and delivered three sessions simultaneously.

We were able to provide a historical background to the campaign and provide detail of the lists of demands that we had taken to the First Minister for Scotland at the meeting we held with her on the 25th May 2015. At that meeting ,First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon had agreed to bring to the table with us the decision makers in Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland who had the power and authority to implement our list of demands relating to crime, sanitation, poor housing conditions and accountability for public funding in Govanhill since 2012. Local residents at the meeting last night wanted to know why the First Minister for Scotland had not responded to the invite or provided a progress report as requested. We were unable to answer that question on Nicola’s behalf, perhaps at our next public meeting we will be in a better position to answer that question for her.

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  1. Angus McKay says:

    From Evening Times, 21 July 2015, “Taskforce to blitz Govanhill backcourt shame” – GREAT Gardens, the charitable arm of Govanhill Housing Association, has been provided funding via the Scottish Government to, well, clean up Govanhill’s backcourts. This charity, GREAT Gardens, has three current directors, one director being an 85 year-old residing outside of Glasgow. In what way can the 85 year-old assist Govanhill?


  2. Michael says:

    Angus, I have never asked the age of the person willing to pull me out a hole. But I take your point, why is it that charitable arms are giving massive amounts of funding to sort out Govanhill when they persistently fail? The local residents held their own meeting and put forward solutions, the main one being designating the whole area an Enhancement Enforced Area, that gives the Scottish government the right to ensure the local council is doing their job when the greater powers in a EEA are introduced. Well done the Let’s Save Govanhill and shame on the First Minister for ignoring the local residents letter to her.


  3. norman mcnamee says:

    That’s a great turn out, I hope you get results


  4. Angus McKay says:

    Hi Michael,

    Enhancement Enforced Area isn’t the solution to problems in Govanhill – applying a solution whilst not admitting to the real problem is part reason they consistently fail. The main problem is overcrowding in Govanhill – thousands of self-invited migrants cramming themselves into small flats in small areas – uncontrolled immigration – that which in most places is not allowed to be discussed. Glasgow City Council allowed the problem to escalate, GCC has the laws, rules and regulations, GCC will not use their laws. The local residents should be badgering GCC to use those laws – use their local councillors to get answers as to why those laws are not being used – make GCC use those laws.



  5. Linda says:

    I came along to get involved with discussing issues at the public meeting. Unfortunately the room only held 40 people (we were told) and that a repeat meeting would be held an hour later. A great turnout indeed. But, I left feeling frustrated and annoyed. I wanted to hear what everyone had to say; have a discussion. Perhaps next time a much bigger space will be booked?


    • letssavegovanhill says:

      Linda I am so sorry didn’t even see you there. I booked the room and it was too small. Will you let me off with it this time and next time promise the hall will be much bigger?


  6. Linda says:

    Yes, of course, its a good thing that so many people care enough to come out to a meeting about this. Shows that community spirit is still alive in Govanhill; let us use that unity to create a better area 🙂


  7. Bryan Hoch says:

    How can I get involved? Sick fed up of all the rubbish, antisocial behaviour, crime and general lack of respect for other residents by a sizeable minority within the community. The Police’s standard responses are unacceptable an don’t do anything to solve the issues. As for regular patrols, I think I’ve maybe seen two or three this year in the last 6 months!



  8. Davy Young says:

    I’m appalled at what I see happening to govanhill, I used to live in Calder st but now I am in Castlemilk, but I feel a strong bond to govanhill and would like to help if I can. I am disabled now but if you have a fighting fund or anything similar I would be glad to chip in. Good luck with your fight and don’t give up, I am sure there must be a lot of folk that have left govanhill will be right behind you on your fight against the authorities on this issue. Keep up the good work.


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