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Govanhill is an area located less than two miles from Glasgow City Centre. It was once a vibrant bustling district renowned for its grand Victorian tenements, local amenities, such as shopping in the wide expanse of Victoria Road, excellent rail and bus services, quality schools, good access to health care and outdoor facilities such as the 160 acres of the Queen’s Park. For the past decade, Govanhill has spiraled into a wasteful decline. Local residents, business owners and visitors to the area no longer feel safe and fear of crime is now at an all time high level. Overcrowded homes and poor sanitary conditions have led to infestations of rats, cockroaches and bedbugs. These infestations have reached outrageous endemic proportions that must be brought immediately under control. Owner occupiers have fled the area leaving this type of housing tenure at critically low levels, so much that Govanhill is now associated with slum landlords of the Rachman era.

As concerned local residents and campaigners, we are mindful of our civic responsibilities and declare that the time has now come to demand effective intervention from Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland. This spiral of decline must cease now. Govanhill cannot be allowed to become Scotland’s ghetto. We demand that Govanhill be renewed and regenerated so that once again it is a vibrant area that people choose to live in, visit and conduct their business.

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  1. michael says:

    good luck to your campaign


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