Our Campaign Demands

Govanhill residents have a right to live in a safe clean environment. No longer will we endure the filthy and crime ridden ghetto like conditions that surrounds us. Our campaign has called on the First Minister of Scotland to immediately take action to intervene on our behalf to ensure that Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland provide us with the same safe clean living conditions to be found elsewhere in Glasgow and Scotland.

Our campaign will focus on the poor safety, poor sanitation and poor housing conditions in Govanhill. Despite the millions of pounds of public money that has been spent in Govanhill since 2012, these unacceptable ghetto like conditions still prevail today. The excuses that there are historic social problems associated with Govanhill are not acceptable. Either Govanhill is controlled and regulated or the Government have lost control.

We demand a responsible named individual paid by results for implementation of the following:

Fear of Crime: Project Servator
The current crime statistics for Govanhill, which is approximately one square mile, show that there is good reason for residents to live in fear of crime. Police Scotland effectively rolled out Project Servator during the Commonwealth Games 2014, implement the same policing strategy in Govanhill indefinitely until crime statistics are comparable to other areas. Govanhill should be designated a zero tolerance crime area.

Poor Sanitation: A Govanhill Cleansing Strategy

  • Enforcement Officers deployed into Govanhill area to inspect on a daily basis all streets and to ensure all litter, refuse or bulk items are removed immediately
  • All residents instructed in correct use of domestic waste disposal, after a defined grace period, on the spot fines used when residents deemed to be in violation of correct procedures
  • All large bins whether for public or commercial use removed from the pavements and that pavements remain free fromdisplays of produce outside business premises
  • All shopkeepers and business owners informed of their responsibilities for their commercial waste management systems and premises closed down until further notice if they are deemed to be violating the conditions imposed
  • Environmental Health Officers undertake full inspection and audit of the vermin and infestation problems in Govanhill and be given full powers and resources to bring this public health issue under control

Poor Housing Conditions

  • Govanhill should be afforded a similar status as Page Hall Sheffield and designated an Enhanced Enforcement Area as described under Scotland Housing Act (2014) Section 28
  • Legislation to implement landlords licensing scheme
  • Transformational Regeneration Area status for Govanhill and feasibility study undertaken to determine best long term strategy for improved housing stock, this should include private sector investors

Public Funding

  • Mapping exercise of all publicly funded organisations and projects in Govanhill to establish their purpose and function and if they have met intended outcomes
  • If a project or organisation cannot evidence they have met intended outcomes or demonstrate value for money since 2012, then funding should cease.

Latest Comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to live in Preston St and then Cathcart Rd with my sister in the late 50s, it was a great area. I also went to Holyrood School but the last time I went up with my wife what a dump it is now. Glasgow should never be allowed to get like this


  2. Abdul Mohammed says:

    Being a business owner in Allison Street and emboldened by the campaigners, I decided to attend the meeting held at Daisy Street at 7 pm on Wednesday the 22nd of July 2015. Urged by the community spirit, my forward motion was brought to an halt by the announcement that the venue was full and told to wait for another hour for Part 2.

    I and another comrade decided to leave disappointed and await the outcome.


    • letssavegovanhill says:

      Abdul my sincerest apologies that you were asked to wait for the next session. Would it be possible to meet up with you at some arranged time and date that suits you best?. Our campaign needs business owners such as yourself to come on board with the campaign. Once again our sincerest apologies that you were asked to wait and please send us an e-mail at letssavegovanhill@yahoo.com to set up a meeting with yourself and any other business owners in the area you think would be interested.


  3. Isabella Henriques says:

    I have just commented on another site This is Squalor at its best I lived in Batson st with My Mom My Sister Lived in Aitken st and I have friend who lives near the Police station. I spent the best part of 30 years in Africa I have seen many so called Squatter Camps that were mainly Corrugated Iron plastic and Cardboard yet the people who lived there kept their environment clean and tidy they had little gardens and veggie patches the respect these wonderful people had for themselves is insurmountable There is NO excuse for this amount of Squalor I am ashamed Why was Govanhill allowed to get into this Condition


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