Our Activities

Our campaign has called on the First Minister of Scotland to take immediate priority action to intervene on our behalf to ensure that Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland provide us with the same safe clean living conditions to be found elsewhere in Glasgow and Scotland. Until we witness these safe clean living conditions in Govanhill, we will endeavour to do the following:

  • Widen our support among the community base. This will include all religious and voluntary sector organisations, we intend to call on their support in our community.
  • Raise awareness with and look for support from local business and services which operate in Govanhill, we want the area to thrive and be commercially alive, employing local people and revitalizing the area.
  • Instigate and maintain a media and social media presence that involves local people, ex residents and supporters with links to Govanhill
  • Lobby constituency local councillors, MSPs and MP for a plan of action with a budget and a timescale headed by a named individual in order to monitor progress of our demands
  • Question our representatives at their surgeries and also use Freedom of Information Requests to find out what is being done by who and how much money is being spent.
  • Continue to build local, city wide and national support by holding public meetings and demonstrations as and when we deem them to be appropriate
  • Build links with other liked minded tenants across Glasgow who may have similar problems.

Latest Comments

  1. Gerry Moar says:

    If you want to make a difference vote Sturgeon out. Simple as that.

    The council is struggling with the cuts imposed by the snp, and your MSP is refusing to help. The money the snp control was only cut by £170m, but they slashed FIVE HUNDRED MILLION off councils across Scotland. Aberdeen and Glasgow were hit hardest.

    Why not put forward your own independent candidate for Govanhill and the wider community? Crowdfunding would more than cover the costs. There must be someone in the community willing to stand.


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