• No School for Roma in Govanhill

    Support workers have informed Nicola Sturgeon that not all Roma children in her Govanhill constituency are in full time compulsory education. They say that some Roma parents in Govanhill are being forced to wait for almost a year before they can enrol their children in school due to a lack of school placements. However Glasgow… Continue Reading

  • Govanhill Degeneration Group

    Police Scotland’s admission to Ms. Sturgeon at the recent Govanhill Regeneration Group meeting that housebreaking has become infectious and beyond control in the area has dealt a demoralising blow to locals. They are alarmed that such an admission is further proof that Ms. Sturgeon  is presiding over the degeneration rather than the regeneration of  Govanhill.… Continue Reading

  • Housebreaking Infection in Govanhill

    Nicola Sturgeon has been informed by Police Scotland that a chronic infection of housebreaking has invaded her Govanhill constituency and that it is a big  problem knowing exactly how to control it. Police Scotland say they have around 1,000 closes in the area to protect and a million in one chance of catching the infectious… Continue Reading

  • Giants of Evil in Govanhill

    As news broke that primary schools in Nicola Sturgeon’s Govanhill constituency continue to be plagued by infestations of bedbugs and cockroaches, The First Minister responded with shocked surprise and vowed that more must be done to treat the pests. Ms. Sturgeon said ‘It is vital that the authorities continue to take a proactive and preventative… Continue Reading